Dansk Træplejeforening (DTF), er en interesseforening for fagfolk, der arbejder med planlægning, produktion, plantning og pleje af bytræer.
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The ITCC will be held from the 9th of September to the 11th of September 2022. The Master will be on Sunday the 11th of September.

There will be a dinner on Sunday evening for participants and helpers. More info will follow.

Volunteers will be muchly appreciated from Wednesday to Friday (7-9th) and again Sunday and Monday (11-12th)

We have now received the link to register as a volunteer - follow link below and register


If you have any problems with the registration please contact Marianne Lyhne on mly@ign.ku.dk

The location of the event is in Fælledparken with these coordinates 55.700139, 12.566590. 

ISA event will take place from the 12th to the 14th of September i Malmoe. See more on this link https://www.tradforeningen.org/en/isa-2022/

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